Sheet Pan Shrimp and Asparagus

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As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, we find ourselves craving light, fresh meals that are quick to prepare but still pack a punch of flavor. Enter the Sheet Pan Shrimp and Asparagus – a simple, healthy, and downright delicious dish that’s perfect for busy weeknights or casual weekend dinners.

Inspired by the vibrant flavors of spring, this dish combines succulent shrimp with tender-crisp asparagus, all roasted to perfection on a single sheet pan. It’s the epitome of minimal fuss and maximum flavor – a winning combination that’ll have you reaching for this recipe time and time again.

What’s more, this Sheet Pan Shrimp and Asparagus dish is incredibly versatile. It can be enjoyed as a main course, paired with your favorite grain or a light salad, or even served as an elegant appetizer for your next get-together.

One of the secrets to this delectable meal lies in the marinade. A blend of lemon juice, garlic, and red pepper flakes infuses the shrimp and asparagus with a zesty kick, while a touch of honey adds a subtle sweetness to balance the flavors. The result? A dish that’s bursting with taste, yet effortless to make.

Another key factor in this recipe’s success is the sheet pan cooking method. By roasting the shrimp and asparagus together on a single pan, you not only save time and dishes, but you also allow the flavors to meld together beautifully. The asparagus becomes tender and slightly caramelized, while the shrimp cooks to juicy perfection.

And let’s not forget about the health benefits of this meal. Shrimp is a lean protein that’s low in calories and packed with essential nutrients, while asparagus is a great source of fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants. This dish is truly a delicious way to nourish your body and satisfy your taste buds.

So next time you’re in search of a quick, flavorful, and healthy meal, look no further than this Sheet Pan Shrimp and Asparagus recipe. It’s a guaranteed crowd-pleaser that’s sure to become a staple in your home.

Sheet Pan Shrimp and Asparagus

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A light, fresh, and flavor-packed sheet pan meal that’s perfect for busy weeknights or casual weekend dinners.


  • 1 lb large shrimp, peeled and deveined

  • 1 lb asparagus, trimmed

  • 3 tbsp olive oil

  • 2 tbsp lemon juice

  • 2 cloves garlic, minced

  • 1 tbsp honey

  • 1/2 tsp red pepper flakes

  • Salt and pepper, to taste

  • Lemon wedges, for serving


  • Preheat oven to 400°F (200°C).
  • In a small bowl, whisk together olive oil, lemon juice, minced garlic, honey, red pepper flakes, salt, and pepper to create the marinade.
  • Place shrimp and asparagus on a large, rimmed baking sheet. Drizzle the marinade over the shrimp and asparagus, tossing gently to coat evenly.
  • Spread the shrimp and asparagus out in a single layer on the baking sheet.
  • Bake for 10-12 minutes, or until shrimp are pink and cooked through, and asparagus is tender.
  • Remove from oven and transfer to a serving platter.
  • Serve immediately with lemon wedges for added flavor.
  • Enjoy your delicious Sheet Pan Shrimp and Asparagus!


  • To make this recipe gluten-free, ensure your shrimp are not processed with any gluten-containing ingredients.
  • For a spicier dish, increase the amount of red pepper flakes.
  • Serve over rice or quinoa for a more filling meal.

Sheet Pan Shrimp and Asparagus pairs beautifully with a variety of dishes. Consider serving it alongside a refreshing green salad with a tangy vinaigrette, a side of garlic bread for a touch of indulgence, or a bed of rice or quinoa to soak up all the delicious flavors from the sheet pan. For a heartier meal, you can also add some roasted potatoes or other roasted vegetables to the mix. This versatile dish is perfect for both weeknight dinners and weekend gatherings with friends and family.

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