This Store-Bought Bagel Brand Could Fool A New Yorker

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When you think of New York, what food comes to mind? For many, it’s the iconic New York bagel, known for its perfect chew and shiny, crispy crust. But can a store-bought version ever match up to the real thing? Enter Ray’s New York Bagels, a brand that even the most discerning bagel enthusiasts might mistake for a fresh one from a classic New York bakery.

1. Ray’s New York Bagels

Opening its doors in 1999, Ray’s prepares their bagels in a New York factory using local ingredients and traditional methods. The key? Boiling in New York’s unique water, which gives the bagels their trademark texture and flavor.

Found in the freezer section of major grocery stores like Walmart and Kroger’s, Ray’s prides itself on the freshness that freezing ensures. This approach keeps the bagels close to their original state, preserving their chewiness and moisture.

Whether you’re a native New Yorker or a curious foodie, Ray’s offers an authentic taste of New York, right from your toaster. The company asserts that the best New York bagel might just be a frozen one, a bold claim that has many agreeing.

2. L’Oven Fresh Bagels

L’Oven Fresh, available at Aldi, is a budget-friendly option that delivers a decent approximation of the New York style. These bagels are known for their soft texture and are a staple for those looking for an affordable, yet satisfying, alternative.

While not as chewy as some might prefer, L’Oven Fresh bagels offer a good balance of flavor and texture, particularly their blueberry variety, which has become a fan favorite for its consistency and taste.

These bagels might not fool a hardcore New Yorker, but for most, they are a welcome addition to a quick breakfast or a lazy weekend brunch.

3. Original Bagel

If chewiness is what you crave, Original Bagel might be your bestbet. Famed for its texture that rivals even the freshest from New York’s bagel shops, this brand has found a following among those who prioritize the feel of their bagel as much as the flavor.

Available through services like DoorDash, Original Bagel maintains its quality by focusing on the essentials. They’re best enjoyed lightly toasted to enhance their natural chewiness without drying them out, making them a favorite for those in the know.

For those who value a traditional texture in their bagels, Original Bagel delivers an experience that might just make you question whether it’s store-bought or from your favorite New York bagel cart.

4. Specially Selected Brioche Bagels

For a twist on the classic, Specially Selected Brioche Bagels from Aldi offer a unique take. These award-winning bagels are light, with a slightly sweet egg flavor that makes them ideal for a gourmet breakfast sandwich.

Their exterior is slick, and the interior remains chewy, providing a delightful contrast that elevates any meal. Whether it’s with a smear of chipotle mayo or a traditional cream cheese spread, these bagels adapt beautifully to various toppings.

The brioche twist on the traditional bagel form has made them a favorite for those who appreciate innovation in their breakfast choices. This blend of French pastry and New York staple is a culinary crossover worth trying.

5. Lender’s Bagels

As a pioneer in the pre-packaged bagel industry, Lender’s Bagels have a legacy that spans decades. These bagels are known for their convenient, ready-to-toast format and consistent quality.

Though not as dense as traditional New York bagels, Lender’s offers a golden-brown finish and a satisfying chew that has won over many. Their small, round shape and subtle sweetness make them a versatile choice for various spreads and toppings.

For those looking for a reliable, no-fuss bagel that still offers a hint of New York flair, Lender’s could be the way to go.

6. Pepperidge Farm Bagels

Known for their baked goods, Pepperidge Farm also makes a noteworthy bagel that stands out for its easy-to-split feature and consistent boiling process. These bagels have a light, golden crust and a soft interior that echoes the chewiness one expects from a New York-style bagel.

While they might not compete with the top artisanal bagels, their availability and reliable quality make them a solid choice for everyday enjoyment. Pepperidge Farm’s bagels are perfect for a quick breakfast or a hearty sandwich.

Whether toasted or fresh from the bag, these bagels offer a taste of tradition without the need to visit a bakery.

7. 365 Whole Foods Market Bagels

Whole Foods Market’s 365 brand offers an organic option that caters to the health-conscious without compromising on taste. These bagels come in various sizes and maintain a good balance of flavor and texture, making them a popular choice among those who prefer a more natural option.

Though they may not mimic the classic New York bagel’s density and chew, they offer a wholesome alternative that many find satisfying. Their consistent quality and commitment to organic ingredients have made them a staple in many households.

For those who value organic and natural foods, the 365 bagels from Whole FoodsMarket offer a gentle entry point into healthier bagel choices without leaving taste behind.

With a nod to sustainability and health, these bagels prove that enjoying a delicious breakfast can still align with a mindful eating philosophy.

Whether you’re a lifelong New Yorker or a curious epicurean from elsewhere, the evolving world of store-bought bagels offers a surprising array of choices that challenge the notion of what a bagel can be. From the authentic to the innovative, these bagels bring a slice of New York to your table, no matter where that table might be.

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