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Everyone knows Olive Garden for its indulgent pasta dishes, rich sauces, and, of course, those famous breadsticks. But how many know about the Olive Garden dishes and practices that don’t appear on the regular menu? Let’s uncover the hidden treasures of this Italian-American haven!

Unadvertised Menu Items

While the chain’s regular offerings are irresistible, some secret menu hacks can elevate your dining experience. For instance, why not request a combination of two soups, like the Creamy Minestrone, which blends the regular Minestrone with Zuppa Toscana? If you’re in the mood for appetizers, a Sampler Italiano lets you combine three of your favorites on one platter, ideal for sharing.

Olive Garden is surprisingly accommodating to customization. Whether you want to swap ravioli fillings or opt for gluten-free pasta, they have your back. Want more greens in your meal? Ask for a salad instead of pasta as your base. Or perhaps you’d prefer a lighter version of your favorite dish by holding the cheese. A rumored secret raspberry sauce might be available if you ask nicely!

Behind-the-Scenes Revelations

The reality is that while many items like soups and sauces are made fresh daily, certain dishes use pre-cooked components finished off in microwaves. While there has been some controversy over the use of microwaves, the majority of the food is grilled, steamed, or fried. Also, the much-touted Olive Garden cooking school in Tuscany, often featured in marketing, leans more towards informal training than a full-blown culinary school.

The Breadstick Phenomenon

One can’t talk about Olive Garden without mentioning its breadsticks. They’ve become so iconic that there are set rules in place. Servers typically provide one breadstick per person, plus an extra for the table. Servers also might limit the amount during busy hours. Want to enjoy them at home? They’re available for purchase – but remember to warm them up to get the full experience!

From secret dishes to flexible customization and behind-the-scenes operations, Olive Garden caters to a broad range of tastes while ensuring a unique experience. Next time you’re there, remember these tidbits and see how your dining adventure transforms!

Jamie Anderson
Jamie Anderson
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