Revealed: What Does Donald Trump Really Eat Every Day?

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Ever wondered what powers a billionaire and former President through his day? Today, we pull back the curtain and spill the beans on Donald Trump’s fascinating and, let’s be honest, rather unique diet.

Trump’s Diet: Scandalous or Simply Patriotic?

Every aspect of Trump’s life has been under the microscope, and his diet is no exception. Standing an impressive 6’3″ and tipping the scales at 239 pounds, Trump’s daily food intake has been a hot topic of debate and even controversy. Buckle up as we take a wild ride through the daily dietary landscape of one of the most discussed figures in recent American history.

The “Trumpfast”: Breakfast, Trump Style

In a shocking twist, Trump isn’t a breakfast enthusiast. He admitted in a 2016 interview with Fox News’ Jesse Walters that he prefers to avoid the morning meal altogether, only indulging when he absolutely must. When he does break his fast, it’s with bacon and eggs, cereal, or a McDonald’s McMuffin, but never with coffee or tea.

Nutritionists raise eyebrows at his unconventional start to the day, but Trump sticks to his guns with an ‘over-well’ preference for his eggs and ‘medium’ for his bacon.

Lunch: A Light Bite or Barely a Bite?

Trump’s daytime dining is surprisingly sparse. An explosive tell-all book by his former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski revealed that Trump often goes an astounding 14 to 16 hours without eating. When he does refuel, it’s with his favorite – a meatloaf sandwich. Trump’s lunch choice drew mixed reviews from dietitians, but hey, who are we to judge?

Dinner: Fast Food Fit for a President

After a light day of eating, Trump pulls out all the stops for dinner. His love for fast food is legendary, with McDonald’s, Burger King, and KFC at the top of his list. But it’s not just about the taste; Trump values the cleanliness and consistency that these brands offer.

His go-to order? Two Big Macs, two Filet-O-Fish sandwiches, and a small chocolate shake, amounting to a jaw-dropping 2,430 calories! He even tried to get the White House kitchen to recreate his favorite fast-food meals, proving that you can take the man out of fast food, but you can’t take the fast food out of the man.

Snacks and Sips: The Trump Way

Not one to go thirsty, Trump reportedly downs up to 12 cans of Diet Coke a day. He’s a teetotaler, likely influenced by his brother’s struggles with alcohol. For snacks, he likes a crunchy bite of Lay’s potato chips and Doritos.

Verdict: Trump’s Diet – A National Treasure or a Nutritional Nightmare?

While nutritionists might suggest a more balanced diet filled with fruits, vegetables, and omega-3s, Trump’s eating habits are truly a testament to his unique character. His love for fast food and meatloaf sandwiches might raise eyebrows in the health world, but it only adds another layer to the enigma that is Donald Trump. There have been whispers about recent changes in his diet, but one thing’s for sure – no one does it quite like Trump!

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Jamie Anderson
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