This is Why Olive Oil Prices are Skyrocketing

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Olive oil, a staple in many kitchens, has seen a significant surge in its price. A combination of climate-driven events and economic shifts have led to this surge, leaving both consumers and producers concerned about the future.

Climate Change Strikes Olive Production

The primary factor leading to skyrocketing prices is climate turmoil. Major olive oil producers like Spain and California have been hit hard. Spain’s dry season led to a sharp decline in production, from over 1.6 million tons to a mere 750k tons. Unpredictable weather patterns in California resulted in a similarly unstable olive crop. Shifting weather has destabilized not just the olive industry but has affected livelihoods and the stability of various goods.

The Shockwaves of Production Decrease

Decreased production in Spain due to poor weather conditions caused global olive oil export prices to hit a record high at $6,269.63 in April 2023. The Mediterranean basin, responsible for a significant portion of global olive oil, has faced poor harvests due to drought and high temperatures, severely impacting global output. Such a decline in production led to a domino effect, with the costs of olive oil doubling and hints at a potential shortage in the near future.

Other Contributing Factors

Beyond climate change, other elements have also played a part. The Ukraine conflict, for instance, led to a reduction in sunflower oil supply, indirectly boosting the demand and price of olive oil. On top of that, rising labor costs and minimum wage have also played a part. Packaging and shipping concerns have further escalated prices for some retailers.

Impact on Consumers and the Industry

Consumers are feeling the pinch, with prices up by as much as 40%. This escalation has forced many to rethink their purchasing habits. The hospitality sector, especially restaurants that heavily rely on olive oil, may soon face an ingredient crisis.

At the same time, farmers are at a crossroads. While some are benefitting from the higher prices, others are struggling with decreased harvests and the uncertainty of the situation. Some farms have even been forced to shut down or shift their focus to other crops.

The rising prices of olive oil are a stark reminder of the interconnectedness of global systems. Climate change’s multifaceted impacts are here, and we are witnessing their effects on everyday commodities. As researchers continue to analyze and adapt to these changes, it’s imperative for industries to come together, innovate, and chart a sustainable path forward.

Jamie Anderson
Jamie Anderson
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