Dolly Parton’s Diet Revealed: The Southern Star’s Surprising Food Choices!

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Country music legend, philanthropist, and the queen of Dollywood, Dolly Parton, leads a life that is nothing short of extraordinary. But ever wondered what fuels the powerhouse behind songs like “Jolene” and “9 to 5”? Get ready to be surprised, because Parton’s food choices are as unique as her platinum blonde wigs!


This Southern star starts her day on a surprisingly light note. In contrast to the hearty Southern breakfasts we might expect, Dolly prefers a low-calorie meal. She has been known to enjoy a homemade smoothie or a bowl of millet, a high-protein grain that provides energy for her long day. However, she still indulges in her roots every now and then with some country ham or a biscuit.


This is where Parton’s choices get interesting. She often goes for a bowl of homemade vegetable soup. Yes, you heard it right! The queen of country likes to keep her mid-day meal simple and nourishing. Parton is such a fan of her veggie soup, she even shared her beloved recipe with the world.


Come evening, the gloves come off. Parton loves her Southern food and isn’t afraid to indulge a bit at supper. She might tuck into a plate of chicken and dumplings or country-style ribs. And let’s not forget the sides, folks! We’re talking turnip greens, fried okra, and green beans. True to her roots, Parton enjoys good ol’ Southern comfort food for her final meal of the day.

Intriguingly, despite her love for Southern cuisine, Parton has often followed a low-calorie diet plan known as the “Cabbage Soup Diet“. This is a restrictive 7-day meal plan centered around a low-fat, high-fiber cabbage soup. It’s an unusual choice, but it seems to work wonders for the country star.

Snacks and Indulgences

Now, what would a Southern belle be without her sweets? Parton is a fan of pies, in particular, the banana pudding variety. She’s also confessed to having a weak spot for fast food, with Taco Bell’s tacos and McDonald’s fries ranking high on her list.

So there you have it, the culinary choices of Dolly Parton: a blend of Southern comfort food, healthy choices, and a dash of fast food guilty pleasures. Her diet is a testament to her character: a mix of wholesome simplicity with a side of glitz and glam, the perfect recipe for a country music icon.

We now know that Parton’s energy, her unstoppable verve, and her ever-present smile come from not just her love for life and music, but also from her perfectly balanced, if not somewhat surprising, dietary choices. So, next time you listen to “Coat of Many Colors,” maybe do so while sipping on some homemade vegetable soup.

Who knows, you might just feel that Dolly Parton spark!

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